An Overview Of CCSVI Treatment

venous insufficiencyA condition most commonly associated with multiple sclerosis (MS), CCSVI or chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency is a condition wherein there is a reduced rate of venous drainage of the blood from the brain and the spinal cord. This is because of a narrowing of veins which drain these organs at any point along their course, but it is most commonly seen in the large neck veins like the internal jugular near the root of the neck.

CCSVI or chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency is a chronic, progressive, vascular disease of the brain and the spinal cord, wherein there is a sluggish flow of blood in the veins of the brain and the spinal cord because of the narrowing or stenosing of the veins draining these organs anywhere along their path, though this narrowing is more commonly seen near the neck, where the veins from the upper extremity of the body drain into the right heart to be circulated into the lungs. Like its associated condition MS, CCSVI and its cause and disease process are still waiting for an elucidation by the scientific community. The ccsvi treatment though is not as ambiguous as MS, but its role in the better prognosis and how it helps to prevent the progression the on-going active disease are the aspects which remain mysterious to the scientific community.

Since the primary pathology is the narrowing of the veins which drain the brain and spinal cord, the treatment of ccsvi is pretty straightforward: reverse the vessel narrowing and allow more blood to flow through the veins of these organs. To better understand the process of how this is done, an analogy would be most appropriate.

Imagine the blood vessels like an endless networked closed loop, wherein the blood flows continuously in a closed circuit. The arteries are like the water pipes which bring in fresh water to the person. And the person uses the water, and obviously some wastes are formed, which are removed by the veins, comparable to sewer pipes. Now, imagine that one of these days those sewer pipes get jammed with something that was flushed into it by accident. Wouldn’t the bathroom and the rest of the house reek with the putrid odour of the filth that is regurgitating from the sewers? In the same way, if there is venous insufficiency of the organ, there is a gradual and progressive accumulation of the cellular waste products which achieve high concentrations in the tissues, here the brain and the spinal cord, and eventually damaging them when these cellular metabolites reach toxic concentrations in the tissues.

And in the same way that people use wires and plungers to take the obstruction out of the sewers, the narrowing of the veins are reversed by mechanically expanding them under pressure, using a small inflatable device, a technique known as balloon angioplasty. This ccsvi treatment is a surgical procedure, where a guide wire is passed into the veins and the tip of the guide-wire is placed at the stenosing, and is slowly inflated. This is repeated for a few times, till the blood vessels returns to the normal calibre and normal blood flow is returned, as confirmed by Doppler ultrasound studies.

Research has shown this type of treatment to be very effective in palliating the condition and even preventing the further episodes of exacerbations of MS, and therefore this method of treatment of ccsvi by reversing the state of venous insufficiency in the organ has shown promising results in the treatment of MS.

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